• 16 - BELLEVUE - 5" Steak Knife


    This 5" Steak Knife is A knife with a narrow, Yatagan blade.  A kitchen knife that can be presented atthe table to serve a piece of beef, for example.

    DESCRIPTION:  Stainless Steel is a hard metal alloy that is practically stain and rust resistant with a high carbon content.  The metal extension of the knife blade runs the full length of the handle, resulting in a well-balanced knife that is easier and less tiring to use.  This Bellevue brand of Sabatier (Theirs, France) made with high carbon, stainless steel full tang, square bolster knives are heavier and have a larger handle than our traditional knives.

    The Sabatier kitchen knife from the BELLEVUE series is entirely forged from a single bar of steel. From forging to finishing, all stages of manufacture were made in the town of THIERS in France.

    We are proud to offer our customers a series of kitchen knives that will be very effective in all kitchens: professional kitchens, chef's kitchens or family kitchens.

    Forged steel is stainless steel. The handle is made of black plastic (POM), it is held by three through rivets which ensure solidity. All steel parts have been polished, the cutting edge is very effective and is easy to maintain with a professional sharpening steel. The grip of this knife is improved thanks to the size of the handle.

    You will find in this sabatier series different products that will find their place in your kitchen

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