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Sabatier Factory Outlet was a family owned business that has provided Sabatier K kitchen knives to travelers for years. We has been authorized by Sabatier K in Thiers, France to use the Sabatier K name and act as their factory outlet in the United States. 

Bonnet Sabatier, an expert cutlery technician, lived in Thiers, a small town in south central France which has, for centuries, been the center of the fine art of French knife making In 1834, at the age of 29, Bonnet Sabatier registered the original "Sabatier" trademark; he then began manufacturing the knives which are today synonymous with cutlery excellence.

Our "Sabatier" knives are made by this same factory using over 220 years of experience, tradition and expertise. We purchase our products directly from the manufacturer, by passing importers and distributors, allowing us to sell at the lowest possible price.  If you have any questions about our cutlery, please do not hesitate to email us:

When placing your selection, please note the difference in our Authentic Brands :

  • AUTHENTIC - the Traditional SABATIER chef - Fully Forged Stainless Steel.  Blade is made of a hard metal alloy that is practically stain and rust resistant. The stainless steel used in knife-making has a high carbon content. These full tang, molded A.B.S. handle knives are the "Top of the Line", made by the ORIGINAL Sabatier Factory in Thiers, France.
  • AUTHENTIC CARBON - Sabatier Fully Forged Carbon Steel.  Blade is made with a soft steel that will hold a very fine edge and is easy to resharpen. The full tang, molded A.B.S. handle knives are the 'Top of the Line", made by the original Sabatier factory in Thiers, France. NOTE: This type of steel will stain easily & even rust under damp conditions.
  • BELLEVUE - Sabatier Blade is made of stainless steel (a hard metal alloy that is practically stain and rust resistant with a high carbon content), full tang. The metal extension of the knife blade runs the full length of the handle, resulting in a well-balanced knife that is easier and less tiring to use. This Bellevue brand of Sabatier K has a square bolster that is heavier and has a larger handle than our traditional knives.

  • ELEGANCE - A steel billet is heated to 2,200 degrees, hammered into shape, hardened again by heating to 1,900 degrees, quenched, tempered, hand ground, and a handle is attached. It is then polished and honed to a fine edge resulting in the finest knife available. Sabatier original knives for Chefs.

  • AUVERGNE : The square bolster gives stamina to the handle. This Auvergne brand of Sabatier K gives you the beauty of wood and the longevity of plastic.

  • see our selection of knives block. In each SABATIER block, you will have the best selection of products for your kitchen


We only propose SABATIER KNIVES made by the ORIGINAL FAMILY. The "K" is the guarantee to have a 100% forged knife - fully forged - 100% MADE IN FRANCE.

It's a FAMILY story from 1800. The 8 generations continue to propose 100% FORGED KNIVES to all the Chefs in the word. All the customers need to have the best SABATIER KNIVES for their kitchen.