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Terms & Conditions

Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

GUARANTEE:  If written 30 days from the date of purchase you are not satisfied with your merchandise, simply return it for a full refund.  All of our knives carry a lifetime guarantee against manufacturing defects.  Please call for return authorization.  The lifetime warranty is void if the knife has been put through a dishwasher or obvious abuse.

Sabatier's Fine knives should always be washed and dried by hand,

NEVER in the dishwasher.

Knife Types

Air Pocket Knives

Knives with Air Pockets collect fat and lubricate the knife during cutting.  Vegetables will not stick to these knives.

Boning Knives

These knives have a narrow, rigid blade with an upward curve used for removing meat and poultry from bones.

Bread Knives

These knives are serrated, allowing for cutting thin slices of bread, bagels and cake without tearing.

Carving Knives

These knives have a long, thin blade and are used to slice meat.  The blade's upward curve is used to cut meat from the bone.


This is a strong, thick and heavy blade used to chop meat or sever joints.

Cook's Knives

Also called a Chef's Knife, the Cook's Knives have a very strong, rigid blade and are used for chopping, dicing, slicing or mincing  The wide blade protects the hand.

Filet Knives

This knife has a very thin, flexible blade and is used for the delicate task of removing the bones from raw fish.

Ham Knives

This knife is a long, round-ended blade and is used to cut thin, even slices of closely grained meat.

Paring Knife

This short, rigid knife with a sharp point is used for paring, trimming, decorating and other small cutting jobs.

Salmon Knife

This knife is narrower than a ham knife and is used to cut very thin slices of salmon.

Santoku Knife

Also known as a Japanese Cook's Knife with Air Pockets that result in a smoother cut.  Also used for vegetables.

Steak Knife

This knife is usually 5 inches long and is used for cutting meat at the table.

Tomato Knife

This knife has a small, serrated blade that is used for cutting tomatoes and other fruits, without tearing.

Utility Knife

This knife is slightly longer than a paring knife and is used for all the odd jobs in the kitchen, from coring fruits to slicing sandwiches.

Sabatier Quality & Styles


A molded plastic, pleasant to the touch, that is highly resistant to impact and shrinkage.


A soft steel that will hold a very fine edge and is easy to resharpen.  Carbon steel will stain easily and even rust under damp conditions.


A steel billet is heated to about 2,200 degrees, hammered in to shape, hardened again by heating to 1,900 degrees, quenched, tempered, ,hand ground and a handle is attached.  It is then polished and honed to a fine edge, resulting in the finest knife available.


The metal extension of the knife blade runs the full length of the handle, resulting in a well-balanced knife that is easier and less tiring to use.


A hard metal alloy that is practically stain and rust resistant.  The stainless steel used in knife making has a high carbon content.


Carefully selected hardwood veneers are impregnated with liquid thermosetting resins.  Then, under intense heat and pressure, these multiple layers are fused in to a sold homogeneous block, resulting in a product of great beauty and durability with a permanent, high-gloss finish.

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