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Sabatier Factory Outlet

Sabatier Factory Outlet is a family owned business. 

We have been authorized by K Sabatier in Thiers, France to
use the K Sabatier name and act as their factory outlet in the United States. 

We purchase our products directly from the manufacturer, bypassing importers and distributors, allowing us to sell at the lowest possible price.

If you have any questions about our cutlery,
please do not hesitate to call us


Bonnet Sabatier, an expert cutlery technician, lived in Thiers, a small town in south central France
which has, for centuries, been the center of the fine art of French knife making. 

In 1834, at the age of 29, Bonnet Sabatier registered the original "Sabatier" trademark; he then began manufacturing the knives which are today synonymous with cutlery excellence.  Our "Sabatier" knives are made by this same factory using over 180 years of experience, tradition and expertise.