• 13 - AUTHENTIC CARBON: 8" Slicing Knife


    This 8 inch slicing knife has a long, thin, straight blade and is used to cut thin, even slices of meat or poultry.

    When using or washing your AUTHENTIC CARBON knife remember to use special care.  Wipe the knife dry with care to avoid the rust. Never put carbon-steel knives in the dishwasher. Carbon steel will stain easily and even rust under damp conditions.

    The full tang, molded A.B.S. handle knives are the 'top of the line", made by the original Sabatier factory in Theirs, France.  A soft steel that will hold a very fine edge and is easy to resharpen. It is normal for the steel to change color while in use.

    For several generations, the Sabatier family has been manufacturing CARBON STEEL knives in France.

    CARBON steel is extraordinary, but it is a special steel whose cutting power and maintenance of its cutting power is superior to stainless steel.


    For several generations, all Sabatier kitchen knives have been manufactured and forged in carbon steel by specialized workers. At present, Sabatier still manufactures carbon steel knives which are intended for connoisseurs or lovers of the cut of a carbon knife.

    Our grandmothers always had black-bladed knives in their kitchens. They were carbon steel knives.

    Carbon steel is a very traditional steel. As it is forged and the material hits the blade, the grain of carbon steel becomes smaller and smaller. This is what allows it to have a very strong cutting power if the various manufacturing steps are carried out correctly.

    The maintenance of a carbon steel sabatier knife is also facilitated given the fineness of the grains. A professional sharpening steel makes it possible to maintain the wire without any problem and very easily.


    There are big differences between a knife made of stainless steel and carbon steel.

    There is of course a cutting power and its ease of maintaining the edge of a carbon steel knife.

    You should also know that over time, during its use, in contact with water, the acidity of fruits and vegetables, carbon steel will change colors. This is completely normal and harmless. It will therefore be necessary to be careful and have specific maintenance so that the steel does not rust.

    Amateurs and chefs wishing to use a carbon steel knife are fans of this series.

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