05 - AUVERGNE: Chef's Knife 8"


This 8 inch Cook's Knife, also called a chef's knife, has a strong, rigid blade and is used for chopping, dicing, slicing or mincing.

Description:  The wide blade protects the hand. A steel billet is heated to 2,200 degrees, hammered into shape, hardened again by heating to 1,900 degrees, quenched, tempered, hand ground, and a handle is attached. It is then polished and honed to a fine edge resulting in the finest knife available. This Auvergne brand of Sabatier (Theirs, France) has Coral handles (Pressed Wood from Spain) that are manually set and mounted on the tang using three through rivets.

A SABATIER knife is  from the French history and a French family which revolutionized cooking by inventing a perfect kitchen knife.

To have a traditional sabatier knife, you have to be sure that it has been 100% forged and entirely made in France in the THIERS region (capital of French cutlery).

The Auvergne series from Sabatier in Thiers FRANCE is distinguished by a knife entirely forged in a single bar of stainless steel metal, by a wooden handle which is formed of interlocking wooden strips, held by brass rivets. This series is manufactured in THIERS, the Cutlery Capital, by specialized workers who master steel, fire and water. Thanks to their know-how, these craftsmen give the steel of these knives an extraordinary cutting power.

In a professional kitchen, as in an everyday kitchen, it is important to work with efficient and suitable tools. The Auvergne series by K Sabatier is one of those traditional products that bring happiness to the people who use them.

The cutting power is extraordinary. It is very easy to maintain with the use of professional sharpening steels.

The knife is made with stainless steel. The handle is made of wood - interlocking strips of wood - which is held by three through rivets.

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