09 - ELEGANCE - 5" Tomato Knife


This 5 inch Tomato Knife, is a knife with a narrow serrated blade. Great for fine cutting or slicing, without bruising tender or delicate fruit or vegetables, such as tomatoes, oranges, or lemons.

DESCRIPTION:  A steel billet is heated to 2,200 degrees, hammered into shape, hardened again by heating to 1,900 degrees, quenched, tempered, hand ground, and a handle is attached.  It is then polished and honed to a fine edge resulting in the finest knife available.  The square bolster gives stamina to the handle. This Elegance brand of Sabatier (Thiers, France) gives you the beauty of wood and the longevity of plastic.


So that you can have the best choice of high-end kitchen knives in your kitchen, Sabatier offers you its ELEGANCE series.

These knives are made of stainless steel, the handles are made of wood

From the forge to the final polishing, each of the stages was carried out in Thiers. This guarantees you unfailing quality and reliability.

If you want to work with the best equipment and in the purest respect of French tradition, our range of “Elegance” kitchen knives will certainly meet all your requirements.

  • What is a PREMIUM KNIFE ?

For all the great Chefs, it is traditional that the knife they want to use is a French style knife, 100% forged. Sabatier K has, through its know-how, developed top-of-the-range kitchen knives in order to combine tradition, French manufacturing and 100% forged quality.

Sabatier has modernized the design of the Elegance series. The entire knife is forged from a single piece of metal. There is no welding. the balance of the knife is perfect and allows during its use to work better, without effort.

Only a Sabatier FRANCE artisanal manufacture allows to have a very thin edge and therefore very sharp. During its use, it will be necessary to maintain the edge of your knives from time to time with a professional sharpening steel.

The bolster, which is the steel part located between the blade and the handle, is very massive and shiny. The design and shape of the handle have been thought out so that the knife is held in the hand effectively. At K SABATIER, a high-end knife is an efficient kitchen knife that is easy to maintain and that you can keep for a very long time.


All Chefs must be able to rely on these knives, like all professionals.

It is very difficult to work with only one knife.

With ELEGANCE range, you will have several different knives : 


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