29 - AUTHENTIC: Boning Knife 4"


This 4 inch Boning Knife has a honed, rigid blade.  Boning game or a piece of meat is easy with this fine blade.  A hard metal alloy that is practically stain and rust resistant.  The stainless steel used in knife-making has a high carbon content.  These full tang, molded A.B.S. handle knives are the "Top of the Line", made by the ORIGINAL Sabatier Factory in Theirs, France. 

When you buy a SABATIER knife, you have to think about the history of this brand, of this French family which revolutionized cooking by inventing a perfect kitchen knife.

To have a traditional sabatier knife, you have to be sure that it has been 100% forged and entirely made in France in the THIERS region (capital of French cutlery).

A 100% forged knife means that ONLY ONE METAL BAR was used to make the entire knife.

To have this certainty, you must look on the blade for the mentions which are inscribed:

  • if the mention "100% forged" is present, it is indeed a fully forged knife. Otherwise, the blade is not forged. The quality will therefore not be there.
  •  if the mention "Made in France" is present, the knife was truly made in FRANCE.

Make no mistake: K SABATIER is a family business, which has existed for more than 200 years. Our know-how, our workers, our family guarantee you a quality knife.

The AUTHENTIC range is made with STAINLESS STEEL. The handle is made with POM - black plastic handle - maintained by 3 rivets. 

This range is used by professionnals, chefs .... 

With AUTHENTIC range, you will have several different knives : 


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